Demo 2013

by Vomit Girls

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released June 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Vomit Girls Worcester, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Frosted Flakes
Mary Jane, you drive me insane
you always blame me for everything
Mary Jane, you're fucking insane
I don't want to see you around anymore

Mary Jane, I'm keeping it tame
I wish I could call you up and complain
Mary Jane, I keep saying your name
I don't want to hear it in my head anymore

Don't apologize for apologizing
I'm leaving for New York in the morning
Track Name: "I miss it all so much, sometimes I feel that someone reached in and tore out a handful of my chest"
You were just like me
now you're someone else
You're not in my bed
but you're still in my head

Nobody cares about caring
Don't give a shit about me
why give a shit about anyone?
Girls just want to have fun
We were just having fun

I miss it all so much
you're still in my head
reached inside of my chest
now I'm fucking depressed
now I'm fucking depressed
Track Name: I Want to Chew Massive Amounts of Bubblegum and Float to Your House
I want to eat big league chew
and blow a bubble that leads to you
I want to hold hands with you
and talk about the things that we could do

You have some blue shorts on
and we're gonna go play some pokemon
I want to lay in the grass
and think about touching your ass
Track Name: Hap-Hap-Happy
I love my friends
when they make mac n' cheese in my kitchen with me
and eat lollis in my basement
I want to kiss them all
on the mouth

I want to attack my friends
with love
sent from the heavens above
they make me
hap e
Track Name: I'm Sorry I Didn't Make You a Burger at my BBQ
Just because I wear lipstick
doesn't mean I wanna kiss you
Just because I'm wearing a dress
Doesn't mean that you can touch me

I can kiss ten boys, I can kiss one boy,
it shouldn't matter to you
I can sleep with whoever wherever whenever
it doesn't mean it's gonna be with you

If I'm getting dressed up
or putting on my makeup
even if I'm messed up
it doesn't give you the right

I can wear short skirts, I can wear t shirts,
it doesn't mean I'm asking for it
I should feel safe with what I wear without people calling at me
Track Name: Do You Wanna Get a Mountain Dew? I Wanna Get Lost With You.
Big pack of lil debbies,
my heart is awfully heavy
Cosmic brownies, chocolate chip candies
Please come over so i can hold your hand please

I know that you're far away, but I think we're gonna meet someday

Big pack of lil debbies,
my palms are awfully sweaty (We should go steady)
maybe your mom can make us spaghetti

I think that yr fucking cute, and I think I want to kiss you

Big pack, lil debbies (I think that it would be nice if)
my heart is awfully heavy (we could go and get some ice cream)
I don't think that you are ready
so when you are, you can tell me

Last night I was drinking iced tea,
you were being so nice to me
I think that it's pretty funny
that you are in love with me

oooooooo ahhh ooooo (repeat)
Track Name: Please, Recycle My Heart After Use
i fell in love at the house show
your name i still dont know
I smoked too many cigarettes (felt sick)
i drove too many hours home

I fell in love at the house show baby
I fell in love with you
I fell in love at the house show baby
I fell in love with you

you kept siiting next to me
there were fireworks over the trees
you are the boy of my dreams
but so is everyone else

I fell in love at the house show baby
I fell in love with you
I fall in love with everybody
dont think its only u

at the end of the night i had to leave yr side
so many tears ive cried
but i know this will subside because
i love every cute boy x4